In the set with the swing you get a set of two metal hooks and plastic expansion bolts that can be used for both wooden and concrete ceilings.


Metal hooks: 12x160

Plastic wall plugs: 14x70


Drill holes in the ceiling to a depth of 7 cm, the distance between the holes is 60 cm. Use a diameter 14 drill to make the drillings.

After drilling the holes, insert the wall plug included in the kit into each hole. You can gently use a hammer to drive the dowel all the way into the hole made in the ceiling.

Then screw the metal hooks into the inserted dowels. When it becomes difficult to screw the hooks in, you can use a screwdriver as shown in the picture below.


User Guide:

  • During use, the ropes can stretch from 5 cm to 25 cm (depending on the weight of the user).

  • The pillow can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

  • Machine wash at 30 degrees. Low spin speed. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat.

  • Clean the seat by hand with a white sponge.

  • Clean the ropes by hand, gently with a white sponge.

  • The swing should be hung on the appropriate hooks on the ceiling. The swing set includes a set of hooks and expansion bolts.

  • Hooks should be adapted to the type of ceiling and the load that the swing will bear.

  • The hooks must be properly adjusted to the thickness of the rope, their end must not rub or touch the rope to prevent abrasions during use.

  • The seat height is adjustable. Untie the knot on the rope below the wooden rollers, lift the wooden rollers one by one on each rope (the elements on which the seat fabric is hung) and the wooden balls, to the appropriate height and tightly re-tie the knot directly under the wooden roller. Repeat three times on each side. Make sure the seat is at the correct height on all sides.


Note: The use of the swing by children under adult supervision.

Technical data:

The swing seat is made of thick and durable linen with a beautiful natural weave. The seat is reinforced with a 10 mm thick wooden plate placed in a special pocket in the seat. The pillow is made of 100% natural linen, decorated with hand-sewn buttons. The filling of the pillow is antiallergic silicone down. The swing is hung on thick cotton ropes fi 16. The swing was made of wooden beech balls and rollers. Wooden elements painted with certified paint.

Internal dimensions of the seat 50 cm / 40 cm (depth), backrest height: 35 cm without a pillow, with a pillow 45 cm.

Strength: 150 kg

Rope length: 2.2 m

Are the swings only for children?


We completely disagree with this statement!


That is why we have also created an adult version of the swing. With a larger comfortable cushion and a higher backrest.


Such a swing will be a beautiful decoration of a living room, bedroom or a covered terrace or balcony.


The swing will play the role of a comfortable hanging armchair, where you can sit down with a cup of your favorite drink and indulge in blissful relaxation, read your favorite book, listen to the sound of music, or hug your child and listen to stories about his day.

You can also swing high, higher and higher, and feel so carefree and happy.


Our products are unique and created with attention to every detail. We put our whole heart into our work.

The swings are handcrafted from the best quality certified materials.

Swing for adults

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